Customer Testimonials

Altek Electronics and Gerber Technology – A Relationship Built on Trust for Over 33 Years!


Customer Satisfaction Survey (June 2020) – What our customers are saying…

“Responses are excellent from support/customer service. Altek team does a great job. Appreciate all the support during these times, especially for high priority requirements when we need to support our customers and production needs.”

“We value Altek very much as a supplier and partner and appreciate Altek’s willingness to work with us through any challenges that arise.”

“One of the easiest companies to deal with overall. Keep doing what you are doing, you make doing business a pleasure.”

“Continue your attention to detail. Altek is above the Bar!! Never a bad question… only the one not asked.”

“Great team of people work at Altek, always going above and beyond what is expected. Thank you so much :)”


“Exceeds all expectations on time delivery and quality”

“It has been a pleasure working with Altek. Everyone we interact with is kind and professional. Sabrina communicated wonderfully with us during the quoting process. Brian’s (process engineer) meticulous review of our assembly gave us valuable feedback on our assembly process which translated into an improvement in product quality. Altek takes pride in not only about their process but ours. Thank you Altek…”

“Altek has been nothing but a pleasure to work with over the years. Their attention to detail is second to none!”

“Working with Altek has been great. Sabrina’s been great in helping with everything and in a timely manner. Rob, the engineer, gave us some great tips before quoting during the design phase. When quoting, the board manufacturer and Altek communicated wonderfully with us. They gave us valuable information to help improve some things that could really have messed the boards up, and helped us try to come to a good place with a complicated board design. It’s always great when a manufacturer who cares about the end user’s design actually working before they manufacture it.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m really excited to be working with Altek again.  I’m truly sincere in saying that I will actually sleep better at night knowing you guys are back in the mix.  Looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”
Joseph R. Smith, Ensign Bickford Aerospace & Defense

“Altek does such a wonderful job I find I compare all other PCB vendors to Altek. Other vendors can’t seem to meet delivery dates, have high fall-out and don’t catch issues before assembly. I must say Altek does a fantastic job and I am glad to have them as a partner.” Frank Wilda, Senior R&D Technician, Gerber Technology

“Our hand units are very complex and have a number of critical process steps that must be performed during assembly. For Altek to assemble, process, and ship these six units in the short time we had took an extraordinary commitment. Because of your efforts we will be able to meet our commitment to our customer with the opportunity of securing additional future orders.” Dave Olchowski, VP and GM, HMI Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems, Inc.

“When our former supplier was no longer able to manufacture an integral part of our controls, our dryer production was in danger of a shutdown. Your knowledgeable staff took on our urgency, and within a short period of time, had completed and delivered a product ready for us to install in our waiting units for shipment. I have not seen the dedication to a customer’s needs equal to Altek’s commitment. We have switched all of our electronic boards over to Altek for manufacturing.” Jason Sears, Dri-Air Industries

“My team has nothing but great things to say about our experience with Altek. The questions and feedback that your team exchanged with ours shows that Altek truly understands what it takes to produce quality products. I believe Altek has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with you in the future.” Mark Jehnings, Director of Manufacturing, Bauer Aircraft Test and Support

“ALTEK Electronics in Torrington CT has performed several modifications to our circuit boards. We are a world-class regulated medical device company having very strict quality performance requirements. ALTEK has performed these modifications on well over 200 circuit boards and circuit board assemblies. Some of these modifications are extremely difficult because of the very small parts and demanding schedules. ALTEK’s professionalism and performance are on the highest order. The workmanship displayed and care for our product was exceptional. I can recommend ALTEK Electronics to all who need highly competent and attentive electronic assembly services.” Tony Calderoni, Principal Electrical Engineer at Covidien