SMT Assembly

smt assembly

Altek Electronics’ state-of-the-art facility offers our customers flexibility with both Prototype PCB and Production requirements.

We manufacture all circuit board assemblies in accordance with three classes of the Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies (IPC-A-610). Our SMT Assembly lines can produce either RoHS compliant lead-free assemblies or we can use traditional tin-lead solder in the printed board assembly process. Our circuit boards are assembled with exceptional quality, utilizing the latest technology in surface mount equipment. SMT component placement sizes range from 01005 to 2.2 inches enhanced by a placement accuracy of 15um at 3 Sigma.

Pick and Place

Surface Mount 

Whether your need is for prototyping a circuit board or running small to high volumes production runs, we’re committed to producing the highest quality product through our vast experience and continuous improvement initiatives.  We offer highly automated pick and place capabilities, automated and detailed visual assembly inspection, cleaning and functional testing.  Having the proper equipment in the SMT assembly line ensures quality at every step of the process.  Here are some of the things Altek does to maintain the integrity of your SMT assembly and repeatability of the process:

  • Circuitcam software creates machine programs from CAD data, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Solder paste inspection equipment in-line to identify and eliminate paste defects at the earliest stage of your product run.
  • 7 placement machines provide flexibility to run multiple jobs simultaneously, or use multiple machines to increase output on one large job.
  • Two 3-D AOI machines allow us to verify the smallest components and provide for unprecedented quality control.
  • Our Yxlon X-Ray machine inspects BGA placements to ensure proper alignment and reflow.
  • Six Sigma Black Belts and Certified LEAN Leaders work to maintain quality, keep costs under control, and meet delivery schedules.

Go with the Flow

Reflow Ovens

An integral part of the Pick and Place Line for an efficient work flow. There are up to 10 zones in our hot air convection reflow oven’s closed loop process. Individual profiles allow us to control heating and cooling cycles to maintain uniformity, repeatability and exit temperatures. Your assembly is now ready to move to the next production process.

Keeping and Eye on things

AOI Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection is incorporated in our production line. 2D and 3D technology is available based on the board layout, component population and measurement of coplanarity on lifted leads and other height-sensitive devices. Our Process Engineers map out which option will provide the best results based on your board layout and population density.

Look Inside

BGA X-Ray Inspection

Producing assemblies that include BGA components can be challenging. Thermal expansion and mechanical stress can cause decreased reliability in your Assembly. Our X-Ray inspection system will identify deficient solder joints, moving the PCB assembly to a rework station before it goes any further in the production process.

Horse Power

Our SMT Assembly Equipment

We can support batch sizes ranging from quick turn prototypes to full production runs in the thousands. Here is a peek of our surface mount assembly equipment:

  • 2 EKRA X4 solder paste systems
  • 1 EKRA Serio 4000 volume printer
  • 2 Samsung SM481 placement systems
  • 1 Samsung SM482 placement system
  • 1 Samsung SM421 placement system
  • 1 Samsung SM411 placement system
  • 2 Samsung SM320 placement systems
  • 1 Pyramax 125A reflow oven
  • 1 Pyramax 98A reflow oven
  • 1 Mirtec MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI machine
  • 1 Mirtec MV-7xi inline AOI station
  • 1 Mirtec MV-7U inline AOI machine
  • 2 Mirtec MV-2HTL AOI stations
  • Yxlon Y. Cougar BGA X-Ray Inspection System

Quality and on-time delivery are our paramount objectives

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