Quick-Turn Prototypes

quick turn prototypes - breadboard with electronics
Design verification with bread board prototypes.

Onsite Quick-Turn Prototypes


When you’re developing a new design and need working prototypes in hand quickly, Altek’s SureProtoSM quick-turn prototype process will get you there on-time.

SureProtoSM is an Altek Quick-Turn proprietary process, featuring these product highlights:

  • DFM Review to prevent hiccups during the manufacturing process, including assessment reporting
  • Expedited quoting – using automatic upload of excel BOMs
  • Environmental review to ensure RoHS compliance and identify reportable SVHC’s under REACh regulation
  • Priority scheduling to support your Quick-Turn delivery requirements
prtotypes design boards and design sheets
Functional prototypes or short run production.

Be Cost Effective!


Your prototype specifications and special requirements will be documented and ready for the production run. A cohesive process of prototyping rolling into production gives you an added level of “Quality Assurance”, safe-guarding your product integrity and brand reputation.

Altek has multiple methods of testing. We offer functional, in-circuit or flying probe tests and will recommend the best solution based on your final projected market use.

Uncover hidden savings! Altek’s engineers will help you optimize your design for manufacturing at the earliest possible stage in the process, allowing you to bring your products to market faster and reducing cost as you go.

Benefits from Quick-Turn Prototyping at your Contract Manufacturer:

  • Tooling – Proper tooling is in place and ready.
  • Testing – Designed and ready for the production run.
  • Cost Savings – Product design for production efficiency.
  • Schedule Considerations – Priority scheduling.
  • Component Status – Verification, life cycle and long leads are all part of our SureProtoSM process.

Remember When you are just starting the development of a new product our rapid PCB prototyping service helps you get your design from concept to production in record time.