How to Validate your Vision with Customer Satisfaction Results

Altek is committed to meeting our customers’ needs.  One way we do this is by  requesting constructive feedback to improve our processes and procedures.  We check in twice a year with a blind survey, and here are some results of the most recent survey that we would like to share:

When asked, “Do I/We view Altek as a valuable supplier?” The responses from our customers were extremely positive.  The telling part of the question was… “Please tell us why.”

We are humbled by our customers’ responses.

  • Very consistent and are sensitive to our needs. Communications are timely and transparent. Also, willing to work with us to resolve issues even if it means more work for them.
  • Product & delivery is very good. Customer service is always helpful.
  • Excellent customer service and excellent products.
  • I have access to several people, including cell phones, which makes it easy to speak with people. Altek has provided technical support for our designs.
  • Altek is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy my requirements.
  • Altek provides great customer service.
  • I feel we succeed together as we work as partners.
  • Dependable. On time delivery.
  • Top notch Manufacturer. Always on top of things. A pleasure to work with.
  • These responses provide very important information.  They tell us that the manufacturing services Altek is providing to our customers is in line with our vision:

    “To be a thriving and profitable enterprise,
    based in Connecticut, with a highly skilled and flexible workforce, that is
    the #1 trusted partner in our market 
    for Manufacturing and Engineering Services” & Solutions

    We will continue to work hard to meet the needs of our customers—our company culture ensures it.